May 28, 2009


How did this Blog begin?
I lived in the blue collar wasteland that is Salisbury (bless it's heart) and finally a coffee shop opens called Zarraffa's. So my love and I wander down feeling a bit seedy on a Saturday morning and order 2 iced coffees. Oh ... my... God.... They had to be the WORST iced coffees EVER! They were bland, dull, lifeless and the ice-cream was icy and tasted like a dirty fridge.
***I wrote a letter to management (as you do) and was basically told that this shop is owned by a large group of men and hmmmmm that's the way the it is.

Rating 2/10

Unfortunately for Zarraffas I had been stalking the suburb of my desires (West End) and had experienced a Cibo iced coffee before I tried this Salisbury Slacko.
A Cibo iced coffee is (until otherwise discovered) like no other!
The coffee is very good! It puts hairs on your chest. The milk tastes like coffee (not milk!) and they add the most delicious coffee gelato. The take-away version is in a paper cup which seems more environmentally friendly that plastic. The staff are a little exotic and very friendly.
(And no, I don't have any pecuniary interests in Cibo)

Rating - 9/10

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