Dec 3, 2010


I am beginning to relinquish my snobbery about anything being any good in Brisbane CBD.
My iced coffee explorations have been purposely focussed on coffee mecca West End, trendy Paddington, gritty Fortitude Valley and try-hard New Farm.

But I'm throwing off the shackles and about to bombard you dear readers with plenty of CBDIC goodness. 
Finally the CBD gets it.  People don't want polished concrete, stainless steel, LED lighting and cheap replica furniture.  We want to consume our iced coffees in a place with soul, individuality, beautiful ugliness and homliness. 

Enough capitulation.  City, prepare to be embraced.

And now to Sage on Ann.

This place does some seriously gourmet food so the Iced Coffee had to follow suit.  And it did.
Good cold milk, and a little sweetness.  I would have liked a stronger hit of coffee.
I liked the way they stained the glass with the coffee as it was made.  (I'm a sucker for this)

Rating - 7.5

Sage on Ann
140 Ann Street
Next to the Uniting Church that looks like a Gingerbread Cottage
Across the road from King George Sq.

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