Jun 3, 2009


Hmmm bit of an oddity in West End - but I do love odd things!

"hello, do you do iced coffees?" I asked
"No, we don't - but we have our own bottled iced coffees"
Ok, so I was sucked in - purchased a $5 bottle and took it home to investigate.
The coffee is locally roasted, cold pressed and it's fair trade organic. It's bottled in the store and has its shelf life clearly marked.

The verdict- YUK - tastes like milk plus Bickfords coffee flavouring. The addition of maple syrup and vanilla extract doesn't help this "artificial" taste. The coffee flavour is not strong enough for my liking - I'd prefer to buy a "Rush" or other packaged flavoured milk before I'd return to this one. 10 points for innovation - but this product has a long way to go.
Rating - 4
44 Thomas St West End Ph 3217 2323 Blackstar Coffee


  1. I purchased the soya milk bottled ice coffee yesterday from Black star and must say it's different strokes for different folks as i thought it was a top notch drop. The smoothness of the coffee was delightful. the maple syrup and vanilla extract lifted it up from the run of the mill bland or bitter coffees offered in Brisbane. verdict YUM! YUM!

  2. I 'd like you to come back to Blackstar and sample our ice coffee again.WE do not use anything artificial in our drinks .
    We brew our fresh roasted coffee through a cold press and only add natural sweeteners.
    It's great to get feedback and so we can always improve on our product so we have strengthened the flavour.